Complex Travel Insurance

About the Complex Travel Insurance 

You are a spontaneous person and you like to take risks. However, you will not assume the risk of your baggage being lost without having insurance coverage. Or, on the contrary, you are someone who plans to the smallest detail and you know that a regular medical insurance is not enough for your trip.

We have taken into consideration all the aspects that make your departure and return as smooth as possible. Thus, we have developed travel insurance packages according to your needs.

Whom does it target? 

This insurance is designed for all individuals who reside or live in the European Union or the Republic of Moldavia, aged up to 80 years inclusive and who travel to states other than those whose citizenship or the right to reside in they possess

Travel Insurance packages: 

You can start from a Standard Plan, which includes:

1. Travel medical assistance insurance;

2. Baggage Insurance for delay, loss or theft;

3. Standard baggage cover plan.

You can later add optional coverage depending on what you know to be important for your safety:

4. Premium Baggage Cover Plan: higher insured sums, it also covers theft;

5. Trip Cancellation Insurance (STORNO);

6. Third party liability and legal assistance when traveling;

7. Touristic Services Insurance.

Medical Travel Insurance

This type of insurance covers emergency medical expenses, as well as other assistance expenses, if the insured person suffers accidents or a sudden/unpredictable sickness abroad, during the insured period.

Our external partner that provides emergency services abroad is APRIL INTERNATIONAL.  

In case an insured event covered by the medical insurance policy occurs, you must immediately contact April International at the phone/fax numbers mentioned in the policy, whose lines are available 24 hours a day, in order to inform about your medical condition and request instructions (in Romanian).


For individuals aged up to 64, the insured sum is of 50.000 EUROS for travels within Europe and 25.000 EUROS for travels outside of Europe. For individuals aged between 65 and 80 years, the insured sum is 5.000 EUROS for all geographical areas.

Tourists traveling to countries from the Schengen Area, for which they require a Visa, can conclude a Schengen medical insurance, whose insured sum is in the amount of 30.000 EUROS.


The insurance premium is calculated according to the validity period, the age of the insured person and the travel destination.

Baggage Insurance for delay, loss or theft 

You are not the only one who worries while waiting by the airport’s conveyor belt for your baggage to arrive. The excitement is significantly lowered when you know you are covered in case your baggage arrives late or is lost while in custody of the airline carrier. Moreover, through the Premium Insurance Plan, we also cover the risk of baggage theft during the trip.

The insurance for baggage delay, loss or theft can also be purchased separately from other travel insurance products.

The baggage and its content are insured for a fixed value, regardless of the number and type of objects they are made of. Theclaims are paid as indemnities for loss, the number of hours it was delayed or theft. You must be careful to keep and provideus with all the documents issued by the airline carrier in relation to the trip and the damage incurred.


For the STANDARD Insurance Plan, the maximum insured sum is 500 EUROS for the entire insured period, as follows:

  • Lost baggage: 250 EUROS indemnity;
  • Baggage delayed for more than 5 hours since landing: the indemnity is 5 EUROS per hour, including the first 5 hours and up to a maximum of 50 hours.


For the PREMIUM Insurance Plan, the maximum insured sum is of 1.500 EUROS for the entire insured period, as follows:

  • Baggage loss or theft: 1.000 EUROS indemnity;
  • Baggage delayed for more than 5 hours since landing: the indemnity is of 10 EUROS per hour, including the first 5 hours and up to a maximum of 50 hours.

Only baggage delay or loss while in custody of the airline carrier and theft of the baggage during the trip are covered.

Trip Cancellation Insurance – Storno

The trip cancellation insurance comes to support travel agencies and their clients. It offers protection to both, in case certain events, occurring after the purchase of the travel package, make the departure impossible. This insurance can cover travel packages that include transportation, accommodation and other services.


The policy is valid only if the insurance premium is paid once the travel package has been partly paid or paid in full, and it terminates the moment you benefit from the first travel service purchased through the contract signed with the agency.

The insurance policy can be concluded the same day the travel package is purchased. The travel packages that are not included in the insurance policy the same day it is purchased cannot be added at a later date.

Third party liability insurance and legal assistance when taveling abbroad 

This type of insurance covers the damages you could cause at fault to third parties, for which you are liable according to the law.

The following risks are covered:

  • Damage or destruction of goods;
  • Bodily injury or death of third parties;

We also offer indemnification for the legal expenses occasioned by a civil lawsuit, if you are sentenced to indemnify the damages.

Touristic programs Insurance 

This option, integrated into the insurance package, guarantees that you receive reimbursement for the amounts you paid for touristic programs that cannot be transferred and you cannot benefit from, due to the occurrence of an unpredictable event.

The following expenses are covered, up to 300 EUROS:

  • Passes for cable car installations;
  • Access tickets to swimming pools or sports fields;
  • Expenses for ski lessons and rental ski gear;
  • Access tickets to museums, exhibitions, art galleries, theme parks and amusement parks.

An insured event is considered an accident for which an attending physician recommends repose for the remainder of the trip or repatriation in order to continue the treatment at home.

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