City Extreme Sports

About City Extreme Sports 

Are you addicted to adrenaline? We offer a special insurance policy, designed for those such as you, who like to push the limits in extreme sports. This way, your only concern is to have fun.

City Extreme Sports is a special product that comes as an addition to the medicalinsurance. This product targets the peoplethat practice extreme sports, amateurs or professionals, both abroad and in Romania, aged between 16 and 50 years inclusive.

We offer coverage for a wide range of high-risk sports, so you can fully enjoy your vacations, knowing that you will receive the best medical services, wherever you are.

The abroad medical assistance is offered by the international service provider CORIS ROUMANIE, with a network covering 208 countries. It suffices to inform the service provider about the occurrence of an insured event and it will organize and coordinate prompt and highly professional medical assistance services.

Which Extreme Sports are covered? 

    • Mountaineering – up to the altitude of 4500 meters above sea level;
    • Abseiling/rappelling – controlled descent using a rope;
    • Canyoning – crossing rivers or torrents by physical means and by using ropes;
    • Zip-line – crossing a valley by means of rope and pulley systems;
    • Ski or snowboard jumping;
    • Snowboarding;
    • Mountain biking, including downhill – riding mountain bikes down steep slopes.
    • Scuba diving – underwater diving done with scuba gear, up to depths of 50 meters;
    • Waterskiing – including wakeboarding;
    • Surfing and derived sports – kite surfing, wind surfing, knee boarding;
    • Whitewater rafting up to class V – riding inflatable boats down mountain rivers or artificial courses;
    • Kayak, canoe, navigation with sail vessels.
    • Skydiving;
    • Aircrafts powered by flying engines;
    • Delta-plane;
    • Glider-plane or aircrafts lighter than air (hot air balloons, aerostats).
  • URBAN:
    • Riding BMX bikes;
    • Inline skating;
    • Skateboarding on ramps and special courses;
    • Ice-skating.
  • Activities that involve the use of weapons:
    • Paintball;
    • Shooting firearms, compressedair guns, bows, crossbows;
    • Spear fishing with rubber-band or compressed air spear guns;


  • Others:
    • Horse riding;
    • Cave exploring;
    • Sport hunting;
    • Bungee jumping.
  • Motorsports:
    • ATVs;
    • Dirt bikes;
    • Snowmobiles;
    • Jet-skis.

The National coverage plan 

Through the National Coverage Plan, we indemnify up to a maximum amount of 5.000 EUROS the occurrence of an insured event unfolding while practicing extreme sports on Romanian territory.

The Basic International coverage plan 

It covers emergency medical and assistance expenses occasioned by the unfolding of an insured event outside the Romanian territory, up to a maximum amount of 10.000 EUROS.

The Premium International Coverage plan

It covers emergency medical and assistance expenses occasioned by the unfolding of an insured event occurring outside Romanian territory, up to a maximum amount of 20.000 EUROS. Moreover, when purchasing any insurance plan, you can also include an indemnification in case of death of 5.000 EUROS, by paying an additional premium. The indemnificationis paid to your legal successors in the event of death caused by the occurrence of an insured event.

City Extreme Sports Benefits 

Regardless of the insurance package purchased, you benefit from coverage if the slope closes. We will bear the search-and-rescue expenses, and if you are wondering what happens in the event your equipment is stolen, lost or deteriorated, you must know that we will take care of it! All you have to do is have fun!

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