Third party liability Insurance

About the third party liability Insurance 

Following an accident, besides incurring losses, you can be obligated to pay an indemnification to the injured parties. How can you manage such a situation?

The Third Party Liability Insurance will cover the risk of paying with your own savings for the damages caused to the injured parties, according to the law.

What are the covered risks? 

Third Party Liability Insurance covers the risks occasioned by the following events:

  • Bodily injuries sustained by one or several parties, which determined a financial loss, as a result of temporary loss of the ability to work, disability or death. Partial or total loss of an income source is also covered, if such a loss is a direct consequence of the bodily injuries provoked;
  • Damage or destruction of goods.

We also offer indemnification for the legal expenses occasioned by a civil lawsuit, if you are obligated to pay an indemnification following insured events that occurred during the validity period of the policy (including the case when the penal lawsuit is no longer heard, but the civil lawsuit is still heard by a penal court of law).

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