Professional liability Insurance

About the professional liability Insurance 

Your career depends upon your reputation and you cannot afford to make any mistakes. As a professional, whether you are a physician, a notary public or a lawyer, you must be extremely careful, especially if the smallest mistake might cause significant damage to your clients.

The Professional Liability Insurance covers the contractual responsibility that you assumed regarding your clients/beneficiaries, for the damages they sustain as a result of acts or actions occurring at fault (errors, omissions, own mistakes committed without intent) during and/or in direct connection with the professional activity for which you hold a valid license.

This type of insurance is usually mandatory, required by law or by professional associations, and it represents a requisite when applying for an operational/professional license or its renewal.

Whom does iy target? 

The Professional Liability Insurance targets:

  • Expert accountants;
  • Authorized accountants;
  • Independent auditors;
  • Appraisers and technical experts;
  • Lawyers;
  • Notaries public;
  • Architects and construction engineers;
  • Legal counsels;
  • Insolvency practitioners;
  • Bailiffs;
  • Managers;
  • Sports impresarios.

At request, insurance policies can be concluded for other types of professions or activity domains.

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