Motor-Hull Insurance

About the Motor-Hull Insurance  

Even if you are a cautious and experienced driver, unpleasant surprises can occur at any time, not only while driving. Your vehicle could be damaged after the warranty period expires, it could be hit while parked, scratched, your windows broken, your rearview mirrors stolen or your tires punctured. However, repair costs are high and spare parts cost even more.

Why pay for them yourself, out of your pocket, when we can deal with all the costs? With the Motor-Hull Insurance policy from City Insurance, you have two flexible and advantageous plans that spare you such expenses.

Motor-Hull Basic Insurance Policy – Covered risks 

 Under the Motor-Hull Basic insurance policy, we will cover all expenses occurring as a result of insured events, respectively damages or theft, during the validity period of this policy.

Covered risks:

  • Collision, overturning, objects falling on the vehicle, natural disasters (thunder, explosion, hailstone, flood, storm, hurricane, earthquake, landfall or landslide, weight of the snow or ice layer, avalanches);
  • Vandalism;
  • Fire;
  • Theft of car parts or of the insured vehicle;
  • Personal accidents: permanent disability, death, temporary loss of the ability to work, medical expenses;
  • Roadside assistance services: on-site repair, towing.

Motor-Hull Premium Insurance Policy – Covered risks

Motor-Hull Premium is a complete package of services, well thought-out, that takes into consideration the inconveniences that might arise, your safety and that of the people close to you: from baggage and documents to special assistance services, towing, passenger safety and transport.

Covered risks:

  • Baggage theft or accidental damage sustained by it, replacement of travel documents;
  • Assistance services – on-site repair, towing, vehicle storage, informing the next of kin, accommodation for the driver and passengers, transport to the initial destination, return vehicle, transport for an additional driver to bring back the vehicle;
  • Assistance services for retrieving the insured vehicle back to the drivers’ residence, as a consequence of a sickness or an accident sustained by the insured person – return driver;
  • Additional coverage for the risk of loss or theft of vehicle keys or smart keys;
  • Additional coverage on Romanian territory for the risk of loss or theft of  the vehicle’s identity card, registration documents and license plates;
  • Personal Motor Accidents Insurance for the people inside vehicles insured through a Motor-Hull policy.

What are the advantages of a Motor-Hull Insurance policy issued by City Insurance? 

  • Indemnification of the claims is done quickly and without any incidents;
  • You benefit from roadside assistance services offered by the EUROP Assistance Network;
  • Bonuses at the renewal of the Motor-Hull policy: you are rewarded for the attention you pay while driving and the lack of motor incidents;
  • The possibility of lower costs of the insurance premium: calculated based on the manner in which the insured good is utilized and preserved, according to the following parameters:
  1. The age of the driver;
  2. How long has the driver been holding a valid driver’s license;
  3. The history of motor accidents resulting in damages in the last 3 years;
  4. Whether the insurance policy is valid for other drivers as well;
  5. Usage of the vehicle in rural areas;
  6. Insurance only for the risk of damages (theft not included);
  7. Vehicles equipped with GPS;
  8. Damages existing prior to the conclusion of the policy.
  • Extended territorial coverage: the Motor-Hull Insurance policy covers the territory of Romania, all countries of the European Union, Switzerland, Croatia and Turkey.

What are the payment options? 

We offer maximum flexibility with regard to the frequency with which you pay the insurance premium. You choose whether you wish to pay it:

  • In full;
  • Half-yearly;
  • Quarterly;
  • Quarterly, with the first installment representing over 40% of the sum;
  • Monthly.

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