Mandatory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance

About the MTPL 

A moment of inattentiveness or fatigue could determine you to cause an accident for which you are liable, therefore needing an MTPL insurance policy. Moreover, you need an insurance partner that respects his obligations and pays all indemnities on time.

We offer not only a competitive policy-pricing outline, but also the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your insurance policy will not be an issue for those you are in debt with.

Why choose the MTPL offered by City Insurance? 

Because we offer:

  • A competitive pricing outline;
  • Lower premiums through the bonus-malus system – if you are a good driver, with no history of motor accidents, the premium you pay is lower because it is calculated according to the number of events you were part of;
  • Timely payment of claims;
  • Extended territorial coverage: all countries that signed the Green Card Treaty (Romanian territory, the territory of European Union member states and those belonging to the European Economic Area, the territory of those states directly connecting two Member States of the European Union where there is no national office).

What are the risks covered?

  • Material damage and bodily injuries occasioned to third parties at fault by the insured person;
  • Damages arising from the lack of use of the damaged vehicle;
  • Legal expenses for the damaged party

MTPL Quotes for  2014-2015 


See the online list of MTPL Quotes fot 2014-2015, here.

Termination of the MTPL policy 

The termination of the policy is done only at a City Insurance office. The termination of the MTPL policy cannot be done at City Insurance Headquarters in Bucharest, 5-7 Constantin Aricescu Street.

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