Household Insurance

About household insurance

You are a practical person and you are always searching for optimal solutions. Protecting your house and your belongings is a wise decision, but you need an insurance that is tailored according to your needs and your requirements.

We offer aflexible solution divided into insurance modules you can combine depending on what is important for you.

What can be insured?

You can insure a variety of goods, from old religious icons, inherited from your grandmother, to the beehives that you keep in the countryside. Ultimately, it is about the objects that are important for you or the result of years of work that you do not want to part with. The only aspect we cannot cover is their sentimental value.

The insurable goods within the insured households are: furniture, home appliances, electric and electronic appliances, musical instruments, carpets, curtains and drapes, clothing and materials used to make clothing items, mattresses, pillows, quilts, blankets, linens (and such), paintings, sculptures, collections or other objects that do not have artistic, scientific or historic patrimonial value, leisure and sporting goods (travel accessories, hunting and fishing tools), as well as agricultural, wine-growing, fruit-growing, animal husbandry and beekeeping tools, along with products of these origins destined for personal consumption.

Who can benefit from this insurance?

Any natural person that owns a building or more and/or goods located on the territory of Romania or which has an interest in relation to the goods that will be insured, but also natural persons who are tenants can benefit from this insurance.

What are the advatages of such insurance?

  • Firstly, it is a flexible insurance that you can tailor to your needs;
  • We provide a team of professionals that can offer advice so that you can gain a clear  understanding of every option and document your choice;
  • We offer several coverage options. You can choose one or more coverage packages: A, B, C, D or E, as well as special clauses.

What risks does type A insurance ( Flexa) cover? 

Type A insurance (FLEXA) offers indemnification for partial or total damage as a result of the following events:

  • Fire;
  • Thunderbolt or explosion (even if the thunderbolt or explosion were not followed by fire);
  • Falling objects (aircrafts or aircraft parts, meteorites and others alike) on insured buildings and annexes.

What risks does type B insurance ( Natural Disaster) cover?

Type B coverage (the clause for Natural Disaster) offers indemnification for partial or total damage as a result of the following events:

  • Storm, hailstone, flood;
  • Sprinkler leakage;
  • Collision with a vehicle;
  • Sonic Boom;
  • Landfall or landslide;
  • Damage done by the weight of snow or ice layer;
  • Avalanche;
  • Earthquake;
  • Pipe water.

What risks does type C insurance ( Theft) cover?

Type C coverage (the clause for Theft) offers indemnification for claims resulting from the following events:

  • The theft, through breaking and entering, of goods included in the insurance contract and located at the address mentioned in the policy;
  • Damaging of the walls, roof, ceiling, doors, windows and floors, as well as the furniture, occurring in buildings or other constructions that belong to the insured person, through breakage, deterioration, theft or attempt of theft by breaking and entering;
  • Theft of insured goods through the use of original keys, only if they were obtained by means of robbery;
  • Expenses for cleaning and replacing damaged lock mechanisms.

What risks does type D insurance ( windows) cover?

Type D coverage (the clause for Windows) offers indemnification for damages occurring as a result of the following events:

  • The replacement, including transportation and installation expenses, of broken windows located in the rooms where the insured person resides, whether the windows were broken accidentally or by third parties, provided they were intact and flawless when the present policy went into force.

What risks does type E insurance ( Vandalism) cover? 

Type E coverage (the clause for VANDALISM) offers indemnification for claims resulting from the following events:

  • Vandalism without breaking and entering;
  • Theft of elements from the building/construction through breaking and entering or robbery;
  • Damage provoked by wild animals to parts of the building and its contents.

Accidental damage clause for:

a)      Electrical appliances.

We cover the damage/destruction of insured goods, when the following risks occur: electrical discharges, short-circuits, power surges, circuit overloads, power loss (even if it is not followed by fire);

b)      Installations.

You can insure air conditioning units, roof mounted solar panel heating installations, pumping, filtering and heating installations for pools, heating installations situated at the location mentioned in the insurance policy, for the following risks:

  • Faulty adjustment, dislodgement of parts during operation, malfunction or operational errors of protection devices;
  • Accidental lack of water in boilers or pressurized containers;
  • Power surge or implosion;
  • Short-circuit, electric discharge, forming of voltaic or induction arcs;
  • Accidental breaking or cracking of fragile parts by falling, impact, collision, temperature variations other than those determined by a normal heat source, accidents produced by unintentional human acts;
  • Design/manufacturing defects or failures, shortcomings of the materials;
  • Assembly or installation faults, inappropriate or faulty execution.

Third party liability clause

Third party liability clause offers protection in the event of a claim for the legal expenses you might be obligated to pay for damages you caused to third parties in your houseor due to events taking place at home, for which you are liable.

The risks covered by the insurance are death or bodily injury suffered by third parties while inside the house or in its close vicinity, as well as damage or destruction of goods that are in the possession of someone other than the insured person.

Personal accidents insurance clause

The Personal Accidents Insurance Clause offers protection for you and the people permanently residing with you against accidents that occur during the insured period. This clause does not apply to those individuals with permanent first or second-degree invalidity.

The following risks are covered:

  • Permanent disability;
  • Permanent aesthetic or functional consequences of trauma, burns or frostbite;
  • Temporary loss of the ability to work;
  • Death.

Two types of coverage are available:

  • STANDARD coverage: operating inside the house of the insured person;
  • EXTENDED coverage: operating inside and outside the houseof the insured person.

What are the payment options?

The insurance premium can be paid in full or in 2, 4 or 6 installments. An additional 10% discount is granted for the payment in full.

What is the insured sum? 

Household goods are insured for a declared value, which is mentioned in the policy or in the appendixes of the policy. The insured sum can be established in RON (Lei) or other currency, as agreed by the parties. We will calculate the best insurance premium, depending on the risks you select.

What is the vaildity period? 

The insurance contract is usually concluded for a period of one year. Atrequest, the insurance period can be inferior to one year, but no less than 30 days.

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