Personal accidents Insurance

About the personal accidents insurance 

If you are our client, you know that if you lose the ability to work you will not have to worry about bills, taxes and medical expenses. Tomorrow is no longer uncertain when you benefit from a flexible product covering a wide range of risks, from temporary loss of the ability to work to death.

Who can benefit from this insurance? 

You can purchase this insurance for yourself and for your loved ones, as long as all ofyou are aged between 14 and 65.

What are the risks covered? 

The insurance covers extended risks:

  • Temporary loss of the ability to work;
  • Permanent disability;
  • Death;
  • Permanent aesthetic and functional consequences of trauma, burns or frostbite;
  • Medication expenses.

Moreover, it covers the rupture of various organs, when it occurs suddenly, due to excessive labor, it covers infections produced by an agent that entered the body due to an accident connected to the professional activity performed, including excessive physical or intellectual effort, death determined by other causes than an accident.

What is the validity period? 

The insurance is concluded for a period of a calendar year or inferior to a year, but no less than a month.

What is the price of the insurance policy? 

The insurance premium is calculated according to the occupation or job of the insured person and can be paid in full or in installments, at the deadlines mentioned in the policy.

What is the insured sum? 

The insured sum is set according to the options of the person that concludes the insurance and is highlighted separately on the insurance policy for events such as death and total permanent disability. The total insured sum is thus equal to the addition of the insured sums for death and permanent disability.

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