Accidents and third party liability insurance for sport hunters and anglers

About the accidents and third party liability insurance for sport hunters and anglers 

Fishing is apparently a very peaceful activity, but it is not without risks and if you are a hunter, you are well aware that your rifle is not a toy. The accidents and third party liability insurance for sport hunters and anglers takes into consideration all the risks your hobby involves and offers special coverage for such activities.

Both individuals and associations or groups can purchase the insurance:

  • Hunters’ and anglers’ associations as contracting parties of the insurance; the insured persons, are, in this case, the amateur hunters/anglers that hold a valid hunting/fishing license;
  • The representative of the group, on behalf  and for the benefit of the insured persons, amateur hunters/anglers, nominated in the appendix of the insurance contract;
  • Hunter/angler as insured person.

The insurance can cover amateur hunters/anglers that hold a valid amateur hunting/fishing license, whose minimum age at the conclusion of the insurance policy is at least 18 and will not exceed 65 at the time the insurance policy expires.

What are the covered risks? 

In case you have an accident while fishing or hunting, you will be indemnified for the following:

  • Permanent disability – the indemnification will be determined based on the invalidity degree as a consequence of the respective accident;
  • Medical expenses necessary for emergency assistance, up to the limit of 10% of the insured sum for permanent disability;
  • Death;

As to third party liability, it covers the following:

  • Damages occasioned to third parties for which you are liable according to the law, occurring as a result of bodily injury or death, as well as damages or the destruction of goods during hunting/fishing activities or while performing pest control (injuries provoked by hunting rifles, explosion of the weapon, ammunition and explosive materials used for hunting);
  • Legal expenses occasioned by a civil lawsuit, if you have been obligated to pay an indemnification.

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