Money and other valuables insurance

About the money and other valuables in storage and during transport insurance

When it comes to money and valuables, all precautionary measures must be taken, even if they are expensive. However, none of those measures offers the indisputable guarantee of an insurance policy.

With an insurance policy, money (cash) and/or other valuables (precious gems, items and bars made of platinum, gold or silver, valuable documents, stamps etc.), while stored in the company’s safe deposit box, as well as the cash money and/or other valuables during transport, provided it is done with the appropriate means.

What risks are covered? 

City Insurance offers indemnification for the loss of the valuables occurring during the insured period, as a result of:

  • Any act of theft and/or robbery;
  • Theft by breaking and entering;
  • Vandalism;
  • The risk of fire, explosion, falling objects;
  • A motor accident during transport, that affected the premises where the insured money is deposited;
  • While in safe: the loss of valuables due to the following events: earthquake, lightning bolt, storm, hurricane, torrential rain, hailstone, flood (as a result of natural catastrophes or the accidental damaging of water pipes), landslide or landfall, avalanches.

Territorial coverage

The Policy is valid for the entire Romanian territory. In order for new insured premises to be added, an additional act must be closed.

What is the insured sum? 

The insurance policy is concluded for the value established along with the Insured Person, value that represents the liability limit assumed by City Insurance.

The declared value represents the maximum value of the money/valuables in safe/transporting vehicles, in any given day of the insured period.

The insurance can include the cost of the repair or replacement of the safety deposit boxes located inside the money/valuables transportation means, as well as the expenses occasioned by the repair or replacement of the safes located in buildings, damaged due to a theft or attempt of theft of the transported/deposited valuables, during the insured period.

What is the validity period? 

The insurance contract is normally concluded for an interval of 12 months. At request, it can be concluded for an insured period inferior to a year, but no less than a month.

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