CAR/EAR all risks insurance for construction-montage works

About the CAR/EAR all risks insurance 

This insurance is an all-risks type of policy that covers damage or liability of any cause, except those excluded from the insurance conditions or the addenda attached to the policy.

From whom is it designed? 

This policy is designed for legal persons, entrepreneurs of construction-montage, construction companies.

What are the insured objects and the covered risks? 

  • Contractual works (permanent or temporary, with all of the built-in materials), including the value of the contract and the materials or other goods offered by the Beneficiary;
  • Constructions and other equipment owned by the Beneficiary;
  • Constructor’s machinery;
  • Expenses for:
    • Cleanup, in the event of a claim;
    • Professional fees (architects, consultants, experts);
    • The intervention of the fire department.

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