Motor-Hull Insurance

About the Motor-Hull Insurance 

Your personal vehicle and your company vehicle are different and you are well aware of it. You need an efficient motor insurance package, from the perspective of operational celerity and integrity, as well as the risks and services it covers.

The Motor-Hull insurance package offered by City Insurance providesnot only a basis, but also additional options and services, so that the daily activity of your company will not beharmed due to motor events and your employees will be as safe as possible.

Why choose the Motor-Hull Insurace from City Insurance? 

The insurance premium is calculated according to the usage and maintenanceof the insured vehicle, according to the following parameters:

  • The age of the driver;
  • The number of years the driver has been holding a valid driver’s license;
  • The history of motor accidents resulting in damages in the last 3 years;
  • Whether the insurance policy is valid for other drivers as well;
  • Usage of the vehicle in rural areas;
  • Coverage for the risk of damages (theft excluded);
  • Vehicles equipped with GPS;
  • Damages existing prior to the conclusion of the policy.

You benefit from extended territorial coverage: Romania, European Union countries, Switzerland, Croatia and Turkey.

You can choose between two types of insurance, depending on the complexity ofthe risks you wish to cover: Motor-Hull Basic and Motor-Hull Premium.

What risks does Motor-Hull Basic cover?  

If you choose a Basic insurance policy, your company will receive indemnification for the following events:

  • Collision, overturning, objects falling on the vehicle, natural catastrophes (thunder, explosion, hailstone, flood, storm, hurricane, earthquake, landfall or landslide, damages provoked by the weight of the snow or ice layer, snow avalanches);
  • Vandalism;
  • Fire;
  • Theft of vehicle parts or theft of the vehicle;
  • Accident insurance for individuals: permanent disability, temporary disability, medical expenses, death.

Moreover, you also benefit from roadside assistance services, such as on-site repair and towing.

What is Motor-Hull Premium? 

Motor-Hull Premium is a well thought-out and complete package of services, designed so that the daily activity of your company will not be harmed by motor events and the employees involved in such eventswill be as safe as possible.

What additional risks does it cover compared to the Basic Package?

  • Baggage theft or accidental damage sustained by it and the replacement of lost or damaged travel documents;
  • Assistance services – on-site repair, towing, vehicle storage, informing the next of kin, accommodation for the driver and passengers, transport to the initial destination, return vehicle, transport for an additional driver to bring the vehicle back;
  • Assistance services for retrieving the insured vehicle back to the company’s headquarters due to a sickness or accident sustained by the insured driver – return driver;
  • Additional coverage for the risk of theft or loss of vehicle keys or smart keys;
  • Additional coverage on Romanian territory for the risk of loss or theft of the vehicle’s identity card, registration documents or license plates;
  • Personal Motor Accidents Insurance for the people traveling inside thevehicles covered by the Motor-Hull insurance.

What are the payment options? 

For this type of insurance, the payment can be made in full, half-yearly, quarterly, quarterly with the first installment higher than 40% of the total amount and monthly.

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