Mandatory Motor third party liability Insurance

About the mandatory MTPL Insurance

No matter how responsible your employees are, a moment of carelessness behind the wheel can always occur. As is the case with many accidents, the company is the one financially and legally liable for the damages.  MTPL is an insurance that indemnifies damages caused to third parties as a result of motor accidents occurring due to an error of the insured driver. Indemnification is offered for material damages and/or death and the bodily injuries incurred.

Why choose the MTPL offered by City Insurance?

  • You benefit from the bonus-malus system that lowers the insurance premiums for the companies that take care of their fleet and is adjusted according to the number of events the respective vehicles were involved in;
  • You do not have to worry about payment deadlines because we operate them swiftly, without any delays;
  • The insurance policy covers all countries that signed the Green Card Treaty (Romanian territory, European Union and European Economic Area countries and the territories of the states in between two European Union member states where there is no national office).

What risks are covered? 

  • Material damage, bodily injuries or death occasioned to third parties at fault by the insured person;
  • Damages occurring due to the lack of usage of the damaged vehicle;
  • The legal expenses assumed by the injured company;

MTPL PREMIUMS FOR 2014 – 2015 

Calculate the MTPL insurance premium here

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