Professional Civil Liability

About the Professional Civil Liability Insurance Policy

The success of any company relies on the reputation it has built. Even the most experienced professional is vulnerable when it comes to errors. A civil liability policy offers financial protection and, at the same time, represents a confirmation of your professionalism and responsibility.

The professional civil liability insurance policy covers the responsibility assumed vis-à-vis your clients/beneficiaries, for prejudices you caused at fault (errors, omissions, personal errors without intent), during and/or directly related to the professional activity for which you hold a license.

This insurance policy is regularly mandatory, according to the law or included in the requirements of professional organizations or associations in order to obtain/renew the operating/practice license for that respective field.

From whom is it designed? 

The professional civil liability insurance policy is designed for:

  • Medical professionals, medical units and suppliers of medical products and services;
  • Pharmacists, pharmacy assistants and pharmaceutical units;
  • Insurance brokers;
  • Service providers;
  • Public alimentation units;
  • Touristic and hotel units;
  • Repair shops;
  • Security and guard companies;
  • Police officers.
  • Transport companies.

At request, policies for other professional categories or domains can be closed.

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