CMR Insurance

About the CMR Insurance 

The activities carried out by transporters rely on their responsibility in relation to the proprietor of the goods in their custody. Under these circumstances, in order to avoid the payment of an indemnification due to the damaging of the shipped goods, the transporter requires a CMR insurance policy.

From whom is it designed? 

This insurance policy is designed for companies that carry out international freight transport.

The policy is valid only for those transporters that are not the proprietors of the shipped goods and exclusively for the freight that never leaves the vehicle during the entire interval of the insured transportation (regardless if it includes the crossing of Ro-Ro lines, ferryboat transfer or combined maritime, railway, aerial transport, that does not require the unloading of the freight from the vehicle).

What are the covered risks? 

The following are covered: the liability of the transporter (legal or natural person living, residing or registered in Romania) that operates freight transport with vehicles registered in Romania that are his property or rented, for the damage suffered by the shipped goods, according to the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road.

Territorial coverage 

The insurance policy is valid on Romanian territory and abroad, exclusively within the limits and for the vehicles mentioned in the contract.

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