Personal motor accidents Insurance

About the personal motor accidents Insurance 

Your company’s drivers are responsible and professional. However, accidents can occur due to errors committed in traffic by other drivers or as a result of a situation that cannot be avoided. The liability of the company is very high and you need an insurance to cover such risks.

From whom is it designed? 

The Personal Motor Accidents Insurance for the people inside a vehicle during transport is designed for transportation carriers and travel agencies that own passenger transportation vehicles and provide such services.

What risks are covered?  

The insurance covers the risks of permanent total or partial disability and temporary loss of the ability to work, including the risk of death. In addition, the baggage of the passengers can also be covered for the risks of deterioration or destruction occurring as a result of motor accidents.

What is the insured sum? 

We will calculate the insured sum together, depending on the risks you need to cover and the particularities of your business.

What is the price and what are the payment options? 

The insurance premium is set according to the insured sum and the number of insured persons. For higher values of the insurance premium, you can opt for a staged payment plan.

What is the validity period? 

The policy is usually concluded for acalendar year.

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