Employees accidents Insurance

About the employees accidents Insurance 

Good, professional and experienced people are very hard to find. However, you have managed to find them and your team is irreplaceable. For them, you can choose a tailor made insurance package that offers complete protection. The Employees Accidents Insurance is a complete group insurance policy, offered to companies that wish to cover their employees’ risk of accidents.

What risks are covered? 

We offer indemnification for disability or death due to accidents thatoccur while the insured person is executing work tasks or while carrying out the professional activities for which the insured person is qualified, including business trips.

What are the advantages of the employees accidents insurance offered by City Insurance? 

  • The insurance provides protection 24 hours a day;
  • For business trips, the insurance coverage is extended abroad;
  • The policy can also include the insurance for employees’ occupational sicknesses.

The risk of contracting an occupational sickness[1] can be included additionally into the voluntary employees insurance, in addition to the risks of disability and death following an accident, only for the particular noxae present at the workplace where the employees perform their professional activities.

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