Property and goods claims

The notification of the claim must be made at the territorial branch of City Insurance, in the same city where the insured goods are located or at City Insurance Headquarters (see the map of territorial units).

Designated inspectors will acknowledge the claims in maximum 24 hours from the approval of the proceedings.

The evaluation of the damages is done by City Insurance, exclusively through its experts, based on the documents and information provided by the insured person.

According to the insurance conditions, if the law does not state differently, the indemnification will be paid in maximum 30 days from the closing of the claim proceedings.

If the insured person so desires and requests, City Insurance can offer advance payments from the total indemnification, based on a budget breakdown, drafted according to the listing prices and labor costs valid when the insured event occurred, but only as a result of an already acknowledged claim.

In the event of theft, City Insurance offers indemnification only when the Police confirms, in writing, the occurrence of the theft, as well as the fact that the respective goods have not been found after a period of 30 calendar days since the notification of the theft or their status if found.

After each partial claim, you can request the replenishment up to the initial insured sum, provided you pay the respective additional insurance premium.Olympus DM-650Silverrent home miamiреклама на google стоимостьпаркет паркетная доска ламинатраскрутка сайтовghjdthbnm nbw