Personal accidents claims

If an insured event occurs, as insured person/contracting party/beneficiary, you are obligated to notify City Insurance as follows:

  • In 10 days since it occurs or since the moment you are informed about the occurrence of the insured event that lead to disability or death;
  • In 48 hours after it occurs or after you are informed about the occurrence of the event that lead to the temporary loss the ability to work as a result of an accident that did not cause disability or death.

If, for sound reasons, you could not notify City Insurance in 48 hours about the insured event, the notification period extends up to 10 days from the unfolding of the event, provided that when the notification is done, the consequences of the accident are obvious.

Subsequently, you must fill in the standard City Insurance forms, necessary for solving the respective claim.

If an insured event occurs, in order to receive the insured sum as stipulated in the insurance policy, you must submit to City Insurance the following documents, depending on the case:

  • Standard City Insurance forms necessary for solving the claim (a statement regarding the circumstances of the accident, indemnification request form etc.);
  • The identity documents of the injured insured person, in the event of temporary loss of the ability to work or permanent disability;
  • If the accident results in the death of the insured person, a photocopy of the death certificate, along with the original one to confirm its authenticity;
  • Any other documents necessary to solve the indemnification request.

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