Civil Third party liability claims

Should an event occur that could determine a claim based on the insurance policy, as the insured person you must:

a) Notify at once the Fire Department, the Police or other state institutions, according to the nature of the insured event and the one located nearest to where the event occurred, and request the compilation of documents regarding the causes and circumstances that determined it, as well as regarding the damages;

b)  At the expense of City Insurance and considering the limit of the insured sum, take all necessary measures to contain the damages;

c) Notify in writing City Insurance, in maximum 5 days after the event occurs, offering information about the nature and extent of the damage. The notification must include the nature of the damaged or destroyed goods or, according to the case, the injured individuals, date and number of the insurance policy, the place, date and time, the causes and circumstances of the insured event, the whereabouts of the damaged or destroyed goods and an estimate of the claim;

d) Offer City Insurance all the documents issued by the accredited investigative bodies (see paragraph a), as well as any other evidence that you might possess or that City Insurance requests;

e) Notify in writing City Insurance regarding the claims of the injured parties and submit to City Insurance any documents you received regarding their claims;

f)  Not admit any responsibility or make any offers, promises or payments without the written  agreement of City Insurance;

g)  Allow City Insurance to conduct an investigation regarding the causes and extension of the damages;

h)  Notify at once City Insurance about any lawsuits brought against the company and defend yourself in the event of a trial, taking into consideration the recommendations made by City Insurance, including those concerning the hiring of an attorney for all stages of the legal action.сковородки вокЗимниеHow to make profit on binary optionkuala lumpur independent escortполучить загранпаспорт нового образцацентр